Thai Red Curry

Need a quick recipe for chicken, this is one of my staples for chicken I have been making for years and it really doesn’t need a lot of ingredients, the most important is to have fresh basil. When I go to the Asian market I always stock up on Thai red curry paste, and coconut milk. The green curry paste is great paired with vegetables if you are vegetarian especially delicious with eggplants. I also buy my basil at the Asian markets I find it is fresher and you get more for your buck.

Thai Red Curry Recipe

By January 7, 2015

  • Prep Time :5 minutes
  • Cook Time :12 minutes
  • Yield : 4 servings



Cut the chicken breast into thin strips and season with salt and pepper, set aside.

Have all your vegetables ready, slice the onions, ginger, peppers and carrots thinly. Minced the garlic. Set aside.

In your wok or non stick pan, heat up the oil on medium high and add the chicken, cook for 2 minutes just to get a nice sear on them but not fully cooked. Add the ginger, garlic and the vegetables and fry for another minute, add the Thai red curry paste and sugar. After 1 minute, add the coconut milk and the fish sauce. Taste and adjust if needed. You can add a splash of water or stock if it's a bit thick. If you want it to be a bit spicier add more red curry paste. Turn off the fire and add the basil leaves. Serve with white rice.


52 Responses to Thai Red Curry

  1. kim

    Wow, this is my go to on a night I just don’t want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Easy, yet delicious!

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  3. heather

    I’m so excited to try! Quick question though, is there any other liquid to this, it seems like it might be too thick?

    • Chichi

      Hi Heather, The consistency is creamy, although if you find it too thick for your liking then you can definitely add a bit of water. Enjoy!

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  5. Angela

    I made this tonight with leftover chicken. I was going to order chinese food because i was a little tired and wanted something quick. Then i decided i didn’t want to spend the money so i made this instead. THIS WAS DELICIOUS! I did use some chicken stock to thin out the sauce but this is going to the top of my list of favorites.
    Thanks, you gave me a wonderful dinner.

    • Chichi

      Thank you so much for the feedback! I’m so happy that you enjoyed your supper

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  7. Dani

    This looks great! One question, how much is 4 “slices” of ginger?

    • Chichi


      You can slice them thinly, or omit if you don’t like ginger.


    • Stephanie

      This was my questions too. should it be cut across the small part of the root or length wise?
      I am making this for a friend who is staying with us this week. He gave me the recipe and said it was his all time favorite! I am looking forward to making it for him.

      • Chichi

        Hi Stephanie,

        You can cut it the way you like since its just for the flavor, and not necessarily for eating. Thanks

  8. Janelle

    I made this dish and it was fantastic!! If I substituted this with beef, do you think it would come out the same?

    • Chichi


      Thank you for giving this recipe a try. You can make this with any protein that you like, it will still taste delicious.

  9. Andrea

    Any brand of red curry paste that you enjoy? Im always trying to recreate thw red curry we get from our local restaurant but we always fall flat.

    • Chichi

      I always try to use any Thai brand at my local Asian supermarket. I always go for the ones in a small can. The brand that I have now is Maesri. Thanks

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  12. Tyranny

    Just made this for my family and they love it! I was craving some pineapple red curry that we tried at a Thai restaurant nearby… This is EXACTLY what I remember! I had 3 chicken breasts and 24 oz of coconut milk (I was not sure how much ‘1/2 can’ is). I also added pineapple and used ginger powder. The sauce is a perfect consistency without any extra water. Thanks, this is a great one!

  13. Rainer Kaufmann


    I want to ask if I can use this image for my website.

    I’m wait excited for your awnser.


    Rainer Kaufmann

    • Chichi

      All images used from my site have to be linked back and has to be mentioned. Thank you

  14. Chery Jean Tran

    First time i made the dish came out great !! The second time though i had a problem with the green peppers, the dish was a bit bitter.. what did i do wrong the second time? And may i ask does coconut milk is all the same ? Cause i took one with was a bit steady , the other was too sweet and one too watery. Do you have any brand that you recommend ?

    • Chichi

      Hi Chery,
      Maybe you cooked the peppers a bit too long so it had a bit of bitterness. As for the coconut milk I always get the ones in a can, make sure you give it a good shake before you open it. Also if you look at the ingredients it should say coconut extract and a percentage, then water. I buy the ones that are 60% and less, this means that the higher the percentage the thicker and creamier it will be. Hope you give it another try. Thanks

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  17. zaina

    Wow!!! It looks great. Thank you for the recipe.. I will try it.

  18. Marsha Moskowitz

    Is this curry similar to a panang curry? I’m excited to try it with shrimp.

    • Chichi

      Hi Marsha,

      Yes it is similar, I cat wait for you to try its a very delicious and quick supper!

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  20. [email protected]@ 5

    What a simple recipe – with a BANG with the family! Thanks so much:)

    Few changes:
    – less sugar (1/2 tsp instead)
    – also sautéed spicy chilli peppers to taste
    – also minced more ginger into the dish

    …. so DELISH

    Even with the changes – it was amazing!!!!

  21. Amy

    Do you recommend using Thai basil only or would Italian basil work with this? I can get to an Asian market, but I grow basil year round. Can’t wait to try this recipe!

    • Chichi

      Hi Amy,
      You can use the basil you have at home, but the next time you can get your hands on Thai holy basil I would suggest trying it out, it really gives a fragrant taste to the dish which is iconic in Thai food.

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  23. MaryJo Evans

    This is the best and it’s very easy to make!!! Thank you thank you.

    • Chichi

      Thank you for stopping by and leaving your feedback, I really appreciate it.

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  26. Amber

    How is 1/2 a can enough liquid to make a pot of soup? I want to make this but don’t understand how that will work??

    • Chichi

      This is not a soup recipe, its to eat with white rice.

  27. Annemarie

    O to the M to the Geee this was FANTASTIC. My 16 year old, hubby and I all LOVED this dish. Our fav. Thai restaurant closed a while back and I have been on the look out for a great recipe for my fav. dish. I have finally found it with your ingredients to that wonderful CUrry! Yummo! My hubby even asked when is the next time Im making this lol and I had to come back to tell you. (BTW, added a full can of coconut milk, bamboo shoots, onion). Delish, Delish, Delish! THNKS

    • Chichi

      Thank you so much! I love hearing that you enjoyed it.

  28. Jim

    A great simple recipe, I added some more paste and some chillies to give it an extra kick as I am used to having this in Thailand and it was as good as I had there.
    If you want a Thai experience this is recommended I will make this a lot

    • Chichi

      WOW, thank you so much!

  29. Rachel dean

    This recipe was simple and delicious! I did not have any chicken on hand so I substituted with half a can of garbanzo beans, also didn’t have fresh ginger and I used ginger powder and added some kale. Wonderful dish, thank you for posting!

  30. Tami Roberts

    Would you mix or recommend all these ingredients together and freeze as a freezer meal to cook at a later time? Also would some small diced youkon potatoes be added?

    Sounds so very yummy!

    • Chichi

      You could freeze it but just be mindful of the cook on your vegetables. Cook them under so they are not too soft when re-heated.

  31. Cora

    Hello! Can you use the green curry instead? I made it with the red and it was AMAZING!

    • Chichi

      You sure can! you can also use yellow curry if you preefer something milder. Thank you

  32. Anne

    Delicious & easy!

    • Chichi

      Thank you for giving it a try!

  33. Claire Van Allen

    Made this again tonight and it is absolutely delicious. Nothing wrong with the sauce just perfect

    • Chichi

      Thank you so much!

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