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Hello! I’m back with another one of my matcha obsessions, matcha latte. Surprisingly easy to make at home with a few essential tools, and a good quality matcha. I have tested a few, but it still comes down to personal taste. I have tried one of the best reviewed matcha and I found it a little to bitter. To make a good matcha tea or latte the one thing you should invest in is a Chasen which is a matcha tea whisk, make sure to do your research there are many different types and certain ones are better depending on what you are making with the matcha. I have linked below the matcha I tested and like, and the tools that I’ve purchased.

Premium Izu Matcha Tea Organic Japan w/ Bamboo Whisk & Scoop Set (1.75oz / 50g) by Tealyra

Authentic Matcha Chawan Bowl – Japanese Made – High Quality

Matcha Latte Recipe

By June 9, 2017

  • Cook Time :5 minutes
  • Yield : 1



Add 2 teaspoons of matcha in a bowl, make sure the bowl is deep enough and wide enough to comfortably whisk the matcha. Whisk with a little bit of water at first to resolve the matcha, then add the remaining water and sugar, whisk until there are bubbles on the surface, it will become frothy.

add your desired milk to a milk frother and froth, pour into your cup of prepared matcha. Enjoy




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