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What’s In My Cookie Jar

Sorry! I know I said I would put up a “What’s in my cookie jar” post every 2 weeks, but there have been so many birthdays and events that Rastacook and I have been avoiding to bake MORE sweets to avoid getting a muffin top, haha especially right before the holidays. I had made these maybe 2 weeks ago and just wasn’t sure if I should post it. It literally lasted less then 24 hours 🙂 because my dear friends devoured it when they came over the next day. I also made only have the batch so I can’t blame them entirely. I had a craving for triple chocolate chip cookies and instead of buying Felix and Norton’s infamous “menage a trois” cookie, I decided to try to make it instead. It’s not as greasy but still very satisfying the only thing I would change is maybe add more chocolate chips.

Here’s the recipe that I used and I used dark chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, and milk chocolate chips.