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Tuna Steak

Oh how I love tuna steak! I make this at least once a month, but I can actually have this once a week its so good! except buying sushi grade tuna every week can get a bit pricey. Every time Rastacook and I go to a new Japanese restaurant there are two dishes that we have to order. First one being tuna steak, now depending on the restaurants sometimes you will see it as “Tuna Tataki,” or “Tuna Steak” but basically its tuna that has been seared on the outside for about 20 seconds, which leaves the center still raw, its mostly for presentation the searing part. The point is to eat it as sashimi, so please use sushi grade tuna if you are making this at home. Second dish is called “Sushi Pizza” there are different variations of it but my favorite one comes from Mikado on Laurier. It has a crispy thin layer of rice, then topped with smoked salmon, spicy mayonnaise sauce, and tuna tartare.

Pictured above: A re-created version  of Mikado’s Tuna Steak  (recipe to follow)