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Top 5 Leftover Rotisserie Chicken Meals


Who doesn’t love a meal that can be transformed into a million different meals for lunches or suppers? When I’m short on time and have a busy week I always turn to buying rotisserie chicken at my local grocery store. The best part is the 2 following days I have different meals out of the leftovers, which saves lots of money! Here are some of my favourites. Just an FYI, you can find some of the recipes right here on Chichilicious.

1. The Chicken Sandwich


Recipe Here


Recipe Here


Recipe Here

I’m not talking about just a boring wrap, this opens an entire category, I mean any chicken sandwich. You can experiment with so many different breads. From flat-breads, to roties, crispy tostadas, or challah buns. You can make bbq pulled chicken sandwiches, club sandwich, tacos, Mediterranean style gyros, the possibilities are endless because every culture has their version of a sandwich.

2. Vietnamese Summer Rolls


Recipe Here


My Recipe Here

Probably one of my favourite things to eat in the summer, and something I rarely order in a restaurant because I find it so simple to make at home.

3. Chicken Poutine


Recipe Here

Yes, staying true to my Quebecoise side. If you don’t like poutine then we can’t be friends. What’s not to love? Fries? Gravy? Squeeky cheese? YES please.

5. Buffalo Chicken Pizza


Recipe Here

Keep it quick and easy by using frozen pizza dough and pizza sauce that is already made, or if you make your own pizza sauce portion it out and keep it in the freezer.

If these 5 leftover rotisserie chicken meals are not getting you excited, you can also try chicken pot pie, Vietnamese chicken pho soup, classic chicken noodle soup, chicken carbonara, or chicken fried rice.