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Testing Gluten Free Goodies

So I spend the weekend testing out some gluten free recipes. I was craving pizza and banana cake and decided to give it a try. I had a jar of gluten free flour that I had made about month ago, and I always put off using it in fear of the outcome. I finally faced my fear and used the flour making a banana cake. Let me tell ya, I should have made it earlier, I found it just as satisfying as the one with flour. The only suggestion I would make is to let your cake cool off completely before you cut into it, and store it in the fridge, because it is gluten free flour it can become mushy if you leave it on the counter. I brought half of the cake to work and nobody even doubted that it was gluten free! As for the pizza, I bought a box of gluten free pizza dough from Adonis (grocery store.) I was also pleasantly surprised that it tasted just as good, the price is reasonable because you get 4 portions for 10$. I say that the price is good considering that you don’t eat pizza everyday. I put onions, olives, feta, mozzarella, parmesan, chorizo, and tomato sauce. Give it a try! it will definitely surprise you.