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Recycle, and Reuse

Working in the airline industry opened my eyes to how wasteful we are. We offer hot meals to all passengers free of charge, the worst is, even if we are not a full load of passengers (189) we are still catered for 189 passengers! And since the aircraft has to be cleaned and ready to go for the next flight, we have to throw out all the food that was not touched, including any and everything that is individually packaged.

A lot of my colleagues take the bites sized dessert we offer, we have 2 kinds; chocolate cream fudge, or maple cream fudge. I decided to be creative and take some maple cream fudge and make something delicious with it……SUGAR TARTS!

So with my first try, I simply bought some ready-to-bake tart shells, put 1 whole cream fudge in each with half a teaspoon of butter and baked it until golden brown…it was really good, I preferred it when it was warm but found it a little too sweet. The next day it hardened and tasted exactly like sucre à la crème but with a tart. Its still really good if you are a fan of fudge but I like my sugar tarts a bit less sweet and softer, so I added a little bit of carnation milk to thin it out, just like you would to make sugar tarts by scratch, and it turned out perfect!

You will need: cream fudge, tart shells, 2TBSP butter, and 1/2 can carnation.

Melted. Then pour…and

All you need is a glass of milk!