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Yes! we are finally celebrating the city’s best comfort food, Poutine! Although we can find this signature dish all over Canada, it has become a staple in Montreal. It has taken a whole new meaning to just the simple gravy, fries, and cheese curds. Now we have many restaurants across the city with creative new additions and twist on the old classic. So this week in Quebec we will all be devouring our favorite versions of poutine. Don’t forget to go to the gym!

On Thursday I went to Ma’am Bolduc a restaurant that had the votes for the best poutine in Quebec. Well I wasn’t that impressed, I ordered their “poutine of the month” which was smoked duck and mushrooms poutine, with regular gravy and nothing special fries. The duck was really tender and lean and the mushrooms were a bit on the charred side. Really, the best part was the 6-7 slices of duck that I had. We were a group of seven and we had ordered different poutines and we all agreed that the poutine is “not to die for.” I mean, it’s not bad, it’s good but just not worth driving the distance for. My first choice will definitely be Poutineville and La Banquise , but hey it’s all about personal preference right? and what better way to satisfy everyone than to customize your own poutine? well that’s exactly what you do at Poutineville, you choose: different fries, gravy, cheese, tones of toppings. You can even make a 30$ poutine if you wanted! haha! I’m not kidding.

*Pictured above: homemade chicken and peas poutine, and chilli poutine.

poutine Bourguignon

smoked duck poutine

galvaude poutine


La Banquise

Ma’am Bolduc