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Personalized Aprons

Are you a last minute shopper? or maybe you are just running out of ideas? Well, recently I have been lucky enough to receive some custom printed aprons from something I have never really thought of for a gift, till now. For those loved ones, or for a event or celebration, when you want that gift to be meaningful and a memory to last, customizing a print on an apron for someone who loves to cook is such a thoughtful gift.

Rushordertees doesn’t just have aprons, they have a wide selection of apparel, from T-shirts to hoodies, and even bags and towels. They can even do embroidery, which will be a bit more expensive, but I think the results will make the quality of the garment more luxurious.

The process is fairly straight forward. You simply choose the apparel of your choice and then upload the image that you would like to print and adjust as needed.

The shipping time was surprisingly fast, from the moment I sent the design to the time I received it took about 9 business days. I decided to go with the natural cotton color, as I was looking for a minimalistic clean vibe. My print was fairly simple just the black Chichilicious logo. I think if I were to sell aprons in the future I would definitely want to have them embroidered. The print came out like I expected, I would have preferred if there was no white behind the black writing so it could look more seamless on the apron, but I’m sure there is a technical explanation as to why it could not have been done. I have worked a few years in the fashion industry and verifying the first samples of prints on garments was my job, so I have seem my share of bad prints, some peeling or cracking. I also washed and put them in the dryer to test the quality. Which I have done with this apron as well and the quality of the print came out exactly as I received it, which I’m happy with.

I think the one aspect I’m most impressed with is the fact that you can adjust the length of the neck by just pulling on the straps that you tie around your back. Most aprons that I’ve seen have a standard length, which often falls a bit too low for me. So I was pleasantly surprised of this thoughtful design. I also appreciate the thicker fabric, it feels sturdy enough and will make a great apron as a uniform for restaurants. The only suggestion I have is to make the width of the apron a little larger, so that it could hug the body a little better. I tried it on Mr. Picky and it did look a bit small for him.

Overall I would consider ordering some t-shirts, hoodies, or tote bags as gifts next time. If you still haven’t bought all of your Christmas gifts and are needing some inspiration, go check out Even though its been a difficult year for everyone, I’m wishing you all a happy Christmas and happy New Year!

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