Missing a Home-cooked Meal

With my abnormal flying schedule I woke up at 2pm and this is what was for breakfast lol…..it was delicious though 🙂 btw if you are wondering, yes I am eating on my bed, and watching tv. Why not? I don’t get to do it at home!

For the month of January I have been pretty busy flying so I haven’t had much time to cook a good comforting home cooked meal. When I’m away from home I try to go to the grocery store and stock up on veggies and snacks that I can bring on the plane. But it has been crazy cold in Quebec City that I couldn’t even walk outside for 5 minutes. So instead I had delivered food to my hotel room, which often times is disappointing but edible, especially when your starving. I’m really craving a hearty vegetable soup, so that’s what’s going to be on the menu for our meatless day next week…..mmmmm yummy minestrone, I’ll be dreaming about you tonight.

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