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Masterchef Season 4

Yay! I am so excited for season 4 of Masterchef. I have been a fan of this show since the first season and it gets better every year, these three judges are always keeping you in suspense with new ideas and challenges for the amateur home cooks. Last year whenever they would have challenges I would try them out as well the following week just for the fun of it, it is so much fun! I would even have a timer and try to achieve the challenge within the given time. This year I will try to do the same and leave some comments and photos here, and if you want a little challenge yourself give it a shot, you will find it so exciting you’ll continue to challenge yourself. If you missed the show click here to watch.

Earlier today I tested out this “cookie in a mug” recipe. I must admit maybe its a psychological thing but I just found it very odd to “bake” in a microwave, especially a chocolate chip cookie. I didn’t like it that much I kept thinking that the egg was not cooked and it tasted weird but couldn’t put my finger on what it was. I love the idea that you can just have one portion and not be tempted to eat a whole jar of cookies, but for the taste I will definitely go through the 10 minutes of “hard work” and make 12-24 cookies. Just share the love! so that way you won’t eat all of them yourself. But if you want to try this out, click here