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Masterchef Challenge: Meatloaf

If you are like me and have been keeping up with the Masterchef US shows, then you will probably be tempted in trying out some of their challenges. Every time I watch an episode I get the craving to eat whatever the challenge was, of course not all of them look good. Some definitely are worth mentioning.

Second episode in, and its a meatloaf challenge! I love meatloaf, but haven’t made it in years because….well you guessed it, Rastacook doesn’t like it. Well one of the contestants, Francis made a meatloaf with cheese in the middle served with romesco sauce. It looked so good, and the judges enjoyed it as well. My mouth is watering just talking about it. I had to give it a try!

It turned out pretty good, even though I had used up a whole block of cheese I still found that it wasn’t enough, but then again you can never have enough cheese right? Of course as I predicted Rastacook is still not a meatloaf kinda guy. His comment “Still taste of too much meat.” Well yes, that’s why it is called meatloaf. Any way I enjoyed it. A couple of tricks to keep your meatloaf moist, I like to pulse some carrots, celery, onions, garlic and herbs in the food processor and add it to my meat mixture. Of course then you add your binder, the egg and some bread crumbs. Don’t forget to cook a small bite to test the seasoning.