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Masterchef Challenge: Lime Meringue Pie

Here’s another one 🙂  the challenge was to make a meringue pie with any citrus or fruit that you desired except, lemon were not allowed. So I took this recipe and replaced it with limes and I also made mini versions of them because I didn’t want to make too many, since we are not a big fan of meringue. I also used a sweet pastry crust instead of a graham crust, to ensure it would not fall apart. Crust recipe here

So far out of the challenges this one was the most successful one. Although I’m not crazy about the meringue, (I usually find it way too sweet) the lime filling and crust was excellent and altogether it tasted really good. I reduced the sweetness in the meringue and added a bit more lime juice in the custard. It was such a hit that my friend asked me to make her a batch for her party that she hosted for her family 🙂

Here’s a couple of tips I learnt making this, there’s not much but hope it can help.

1. Make the crust first and be sure to pre-bake it so that it has a nice golden color when you finish baking it.

2. Be sure to have the right consistency in the lime custard. You should have a really thick texture just like custard. When you hold a spoonful of it, it wont budge.

3. Use a torch or your oven on broil when finishing off the last step, which is the meringue. Watch it so that it doesn’t burn, this step will be very fast so make sure you are staring right at it!

Happy cooking !