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Masterchef Challenge #1: Cupcakes

So on last weeks episode the elimination test was to make cupcakes. They were given 60 minutes to make 24 cupcakes. There were some really ugly cupcakes, some where so florescent it reminded you of the 80s, funny thing is that it also matched her fashion style.

So here is my take on the cupcake challenge, its actually harder when you are actually doing it, because here I was thinking, “ok well, 24 cupcakes in 60 minutes that’s way more than enough time.” But when you are in the pressure of having every little detail and ingredients right to make it presentable and taste delicious you become a little frazzled, and time just flies. I made a chocolate cupcake with cookies and cream mint frosting, The frosting came out perfect, but the cake part was a little too dense. It should be light and fluffy, I made the cake batter with the same ingredients as you would find in a cake in a box batter but I know next time to make the perfect cupcake you have to use butter and sugar and beat until it is really fluffy and light. The funnest part is making frosting and making art on the cupcake! try it out and have fun!

 Here are some tips to get the best cupcakes:

1. For a light and fluffy cake: Make sure to have the butter and eggs at room temperature. Beat the butter and sugar until you have a light pale yellow batter.

2. Avoid the clumps: Sift the flour with all the other dry ingredients in a separate bowl.

3. Do not over mix: Adding the dry ingredients to the wet batter in 3 parts, using a rubber spatula and folding the ingredients just until incorporated.

4. Check the batter: You should end up with a batter that is more on the liquid side than thick. It should resemble a cake batter. If you tilt the bowl it should pour out rather quickly, but still has a thick consistency. Kinda like light yogurt. Definitely not like Greek yogurt its too thick.

5. For the frosting: Make sure you have the butter at room temperature. Use confectioners sugar and beat until creamy and fluffy. Add milk or cream 1 TBSP at a time, making sure you so not thin it out too much. When you turn the bowl upside down the frosting should not budge.