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Kazumi Experience

We were pretty excited to try the #1 sushi restaurant in Montreal voted by Montrealers. Watch the video here. Their dishes looked very creative and plating was beautiful. We went on a Sunday night which was also my fiancé’s birthday, so I had hoped for a quiet romantic evening. Walking into the restaurant, it is a relatively small space maybe 50-60 seats. There was a group of kids around 8 years old running in the entrance way. I thought to myself, “oh great, Sunday nights are family night.” We sat down by the window, not the best spot in the house but we can deal with it.

It is also a bring your own wine restaurant, which I only found out once we arrived in front of the restaurant, luckily they had a liquor store next door. So we got our wine and put it on our table, we were expecting our waitress to come and open it for us and pour us our first glass, because that’s what happens no? Even if its a bring your own wine place? I guess not, in this case the bus boy came and brought us an ice bucket for our rosé and left, and so we served ourselves.

We browsed at the menu and things looked pretty good, we wanted to take our time so we decided to order a couple of things to start and then keep ordering as the night went on. This was our only smartest decision of the night. We finally decided on Sushi pizza (which is a must in every new sushi place we go.) Tuna steak, and 2 specialty rolls. All of which was over 17$ each. We received our sushi pizza, and was not surprised, it was nothing special. But that’s what we expect, we haven’t found a place that makes sushi pizza better than Mikado. Then, up next was the tuna steak, it lacked in taste, it was served with raw shredded carrots with teriyaki sauce. Disappointed, we hoped that their specialty rolls were better. When the bus boy came with our two other dishes, we were in shock, the two dishes had the exact same garnish! the raw carrots and a slice of honey dew, how creative! The taste was bland and plating had no effort whatsoever. Nothing is more frustrating than being over charged for food that clearly shows the chef had no passion putting these dishes together. This is definitely not worthy of being on the top ten list of sushi restaurants, let alone the #1 in Montreal, how it beat Mikado and Park? Their votes are questionable.

We were sitting at the table in the corner right, the kids were playing in the hall on the right, screaming, running and banging on the glass.

Sushi pizza

Tuna steak, on a bed of raw carrots

Speciaalty roll, the tuna is supposed to be flambé

The very creative and expensive garnish