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Gluten Free Bread

A Greek inspired Treat

Gluten-free diet is one of the most popular diet alternatives out there today. This healthy choice has transcended exclusivity among sufferers of Celiac disease and has found its way into mainstream food alternatives. One of the easiest to incorporate in a gluten-free diet is one of the healthiest cuisines as well; Greek.

If you’re new to this lifestyle, it’s easier to cope if you have a cheat sheet of alternatives you can use for typical meals. A great way to do this is, is to use a bingo card where you can substitute the letters to correspond to a specific ingredient that has gluten and the numbers in each column with an alternative. Bingo cards may be an unusual route to memorize gluten-free ingredients, but it’s effective. One restaurant in Portaland, Oregon called Mississippi Pizza Pub & Atlantis Lounge, is making waves due to their gluten-free pizzas and Monday night bingo games. Drawing in crowds with similar interests, like bingo, can create awareness and is a free and effective form of advertising. has a complete list of ingredients that are unsafe if you have Celiac disease, including ingredients that may have gluten depending on how they are made. You can tailor each bingo card for various recipes that uses meat and bread.

To start you off with something simple, here are some great Greek-inspired bread recipes:

1. Gluten Free Kalamata Olive and Rosemary Bread by What’s Cooking of

2. Gluten Free Greek Breakfast Bread by Carol Kicinsky

3. Gluten Free Pita Bread by the Author of Gluten Free Fix

The Greeks pride themselves with the freshest ingredients so we recommend to always make everything from scratch to ensure that there are no contaminants in your food. There’s also no shame in cooking your bread in a machine. Just make sure that once your loaf is baked, remove it from the pan as soon as possible. The longer gluten-free bread sits in a bread machine, the soggier it gets.

Of course, not everyone has the skill or time to bake their own bread or cook their own meals, there are several gluten-free bakeries and restaurants in Ontario and you can use this map as a guide. Once you’ve familiarized yourself with everything you need to know about a gluten free diet, you can let go of the bingo cards and actually use them for their intended purpose. Make Afro-Dity, the Greek goddess of disco and beauty in BingoGodz, proud of your health accomplishments this new year. If you have recipes you would like to share, please tell us in the comments section!

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