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Fresh Out of the Oven

Who doesn’t want a ooey gooey warm buttery croissant? This is the easiest and quickest way to make fresh and delicious croissant to satisfy your inner fatty, c’mon just admit it, we all have those days were we just want to indulge in something sooooo good, so comforting there’s no words to describe it. Well here’s what I made this morning, I bought Pilsbury croissants and some smoked black forest ham, and added some Comté cheese that my friend bought for me. (Thanks Dave!) This cheese is so tasty, its a firm cheese, creamy in texture, a bit salty and strong, but not overpowering strong. It is stronger than the commercial cheeses found in your grocery stores, this Comté cheese is aged from 12 to 18 months and can be found in your local “Fromagerie.”

So to make this, put the ham and a slice of cheese in the top part of the triangle and roll it up. Place it on a lightly lined baking sheet or aluminum, and bake as directed on the package!