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Chocolate Tofu Mousse…Tofu what??

Yup, you read correctly its chocolate tofu mousse. So how and why did I come across this recipe you ask? Well it all started because of this bet that I had with Rastacook…He claimed that he can taste tofu in anything, so I bet that he couldn’t, and that I would prove him wrong. I had 3 weeks to come up with something delicious and undetectable, I knew I wanted something simple with very few ingredients because if it was too complex than he will become suspicious. It was down to a couple of choices; pesto, dip, and chocolate mousse. I decided to make the chocolate mousse because I already had all of the ingredients. Basically all you need is; dark chocolate, milk, tofu, and vanilla extract. I had added shaved peppermint chocolate on the top to give it some texture and fresh taste. This is such a delicious dessert, you honestly can not taste the tofu at all! The most amazing thing about this mousse is that it’s super duper easy to make, its low in fat because the tofu gives you the texture of mousse instead of whipping up the heavy cream, and it does not contain eggs 🙂 you can also switch out the milk for coconut, almond, rice, or soy milk. Its the perfect dessert for anyone who has dairy or egg allergies.

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