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Calì Fried Chicken – Review

There have been quite a few new restaurants popping up in Laval recently. Thankfully they are all in my area. Second on my list to try was this fried chicken place. Since they opened there have been long lines outside, so I figured I’d give it a shot on a cold and rainy day. Luckily there was only 2 other people waiting in front of us and it went quite fast. Staff was organized, considering the small narrow kitchen. They worked shoulder to shoulder. Each one of them with one key role. Which was smooth and effective.

Calì wraps

So far, I have loved the chicken fingers from B12 burger. However, the fried chicken from Calì took the win for me. The batter was so light and perfectly seasoned while still crispy. The inside of the chicken was tender and juicy. The texture from the cabbage and acid from the pickles worked well. Possibly the best fried chicken I’ve found in Laval.

Elote – grilled corn

Another item in their menu that I was thrilled to try was grilled corn on the cob “Elote.” This Mexican version is topped with butter, mayonnaise, feta cheese, chili, lime, and chives. To my surprise, this wasn’t as explosive in flavors as I expected. The Calì sauce is a tad sweet on top of the sweet grilled corn, and the feta wasn’t very salty.


Poutine with waffle fries. This was an ok poutine. The gravy was on the lighter side, maybe if it was hotter and there were more of it the cheese would melt. I do enjoy my squeaky cheese melted and stretchy.

Please do yourself a favor and go get all the fried chicken from Calì. It’s worth the wait and the drive if your not from the area. Definitely lives up to the hype.

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