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Breakfast Poutine Hack

If you have been to Québec you know that we are famous for our poutine, which are fries, gravy, and squeaky cheese. That is the base, there are countless variations of it. A couple of my favourites include Dunn’s poutine and Paolo and Susan’s philly cheese bomb poutine. Then there are breakfast poutines! we are also in love with brunching, lining up in the cold just to brunch at a good restaurant. Often times I find that the portions of a breakfast poutine are way too big for one person, so here is a small hack you can do to have a much smaller portion of a breakfast poutine, you just need to work for it.

We often go to a breakfast place near our house called Petinos, they are famous for their waffles. I usually get one egg over with smoked meat (well grilled) and Petinos potatoes, which is round breakfast potatoes with cheddar cheese and hollandaise sauce.


So this is what the plate looks like when you get it…..



Next, you need to do a little bit work…..cut the smoked meat into small pieces


Place the egg on top and tadam! A smaller cheaper version of breakfast poutine! bon appétit!