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Brazilian Cheese Bread – Review


Today I’ll review Brazilian cheese bread in a box. I have tried a couple a recipes from scratch before and they are not too bad. I actually bought this box in Hong Kong from my last trip. I bought it out of pure excitement thinking it was something else without even reading the label. I had tried Koren/Japanese mochi bread in Honk Kong and absolutely fell in love. Mochi bread looks very similar to Brazilian cheese bread on the outside, but it is a lot lighter, airy, and hallow inside. I never had an authentic Brazilian cheese bread so I can not compare it to anything but this one was dense and when you open it its not light, it is chewy and cheesy. The chewiness is a little bit similar to mochi because it has tapioca starch. So if you are not a fan of gummy, chewy textures this is not for you. The instructions were easy enough, you basically mix eggs, water, oil, and cheese with the box mix. Shape into balls and bake. The only thing I didn’t like was that because it is heavy, I only ate one. Once you leave it and it cools it becomes hard and taste stale. So you would need to make them and serve them right away.