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Barbados: Food, Love, Beach

We decided to visit Barbados for our 10 year anniversary. I know, it still seems unreal how fast time flies by. We fell in love with Barbados the second day we arrived and knew it was going to be a place we would re-visit. If I would have a destination wedding hands down this is where I would do it. Yes, that’s how much we loved Barbados. Any excuses to go back. Besides the beautiful beaches, you have a bit of everything on the island. If you want some waves to try surfing you can visit the east coast, if you want to relax by the calm waters and do some snorkelling, the west coast has some of the most beautiful beaches, often referred to as the “platinum coast.”

I can ramble on and on about all the amazing places to see and do but I wanted to focus this post on the unbelievable delicious food they have. When visiting a place I think it is very important to eat like the locals and really experience how they live, no tours, no resorts, just you and the adventure of discovering new ways. Of course, you have to prepare yourself mentally because it takes patience and hours of researching, but the outcome is a lot more gratifying, and to be with that one person (instead of a group of tourists) makes the trip unforgettably special and intimate. Continue to see my food adventure. Bring some napkins, you’ll salivate.


 These “Trini Doubles” were found across the street from where we stayed, Lisa has a small stand in the parking lot. For 4 Bajan dollars, these were our favourite treats. The dough was super soft and fluffy, filled with curry chickpeas, spicy sauce, cucumber salad. A absolute must!

We also had a Massy Stores, which is a big grocery store where they also have a counter for food, besides eating Trini doubles we were taking out something different to try every day. They had rice, potatoes, fried chicken and fish, 3 different types of stews, ribs, pork chops, salads, and it changes everyday. The only problem was they served it starting at 9am and then all the food would be gone by 3pm, so we had to go early and keep it for supper.

This is the sweet and tangy pork chops from the Massy store.

Chicken and potato roti, I don’t think this one was the best, we would have to try it again from another place.

Conkies, made with coconut, corn meal, and raisins, its a dessert but we liked this the least.

Our inspired home cooked meal. Fried fish, crispy plantains, rice, black bean sauce, and pikliz, topped with Bajan hot pepper sauce.

 Fish fry is in Oistins, when all the vendors cook the fresh fish that they caught that day. It is especially busy on Friday’s, everyone gathers here for great food, music, and drinks. We didn’t eat lobster because their speciality is fish and lobster was a bit pricey.

BBQ meats. In a barrel BBQ.

From “Uncle George’s Fish Net Grill” grilled mahi mahi, with macaroni pie, rice and beans, salad, and home-made tartar sauce. This was our 5th day, second visit to fish fry. We tried 3 different vendors and this was the best out of them. This was by far our all time favourite dish, one plate was enough for 2, and only for 30 Bajan dollars (15 USD) we wanted this everyday! The mahi mahi is grilled perfectly, it is moist and bursting with flavor, the tartar sauce is unlike anything I’ve tasted. I only tried macaroni pie for the first time here, and I craved it for the next 2 days! They call mahi mahi dolphin so don’t be scared, its not a dolphin.

We also tried the number one restaurant on tripadvisor, Champers. We went here on Thursday just one day before leaving so we had already ate such mouthwatering food. Champers is a nice fine dining restaurant with amazing service and simple well plated dishes. This was the lunch table d’hôte, which included an appetizer, main course, and dessert.

Main course. Pepper crusted pork loin with sweet potato mash, grilled vegetables.

Our grilled mahi mahi. Steamed veggies and rice. The mahi mahi at Oistins fish fry was alot tastier, better grill and more flavor.

 Desserts were out of this world good, this was the only dessert I had during the trip, and I was so happy. This is a white chocolate cheesecake, with vanilla ice cream and strawberry coulis.

 Convinced Rastacook to get the bread pudding dessert. He was impressed at how good this was. The rum and vanilla sauce! yummy! I would definitely come back for appetizers and dessert.