Hey there! So if you are a little bit curious about who Chichi is, I will give you a quick (hopefully not boring) history of who I am, and how I came about doing a food blog.

Why Chichi? And is that my real name? No, it’s not my real name lol….my name is Charlene. My friend came up with that nickname one day when I was visiting him at the bar where he used to work as a bartender. I was pretty obsessed with the Body Shop’s perfume in coconut, so when he asked me what I wanted to drink, he was looking in his cocktail book and came across a coconut cocktail called Chichi….and from then it just stuck with me.

Now, I am a flight attendant (based in Montreal) with a lot of spare time on my hands. I have always had a passion for cooking but I knew very well I did not want to do it as a career, it was simply a hobby, and having worked in the restaurant business throughout my college years confirmed that I did not want to be a chef. I would much rather cook for my loved ones, host dinner parties, and make goodies for celebrations.

So as an amateur home cook my life became a lot more challenging when I met my boyfriend Louno, aka Rastacook. He is a huge nerd, a real gamer, and in high school he gave himself the nickname Rastacook; Rasta: because he enjoys reggae music, and cook; because he used to work in a breakfast restaurant as a cook. How creative right? When I met him his taste for food was really limited. How limited you ask? Let’s see where to begin; ok I will give you the “favs” list since it’s a lot shorter; Chicken breast, pizza, burgers, and poutine. Finally, after 8 1/2 years of tweaking, and testing many many recipes, he has learned to appreciate food more and now I have a good list of recipes that I turn to for a day to day basis, recipes that I have made my own, and healthier fast food favorites.

Keep in mind that I am by far not a professional or have had any training, but here at Chichilicious you will find a mix of my recipes, and recipes that I will be testing till perfected to my tastes, or shall I say to Rastacook’s taste. Everyone has their own tastes and opinions, and something that I find delicious will not be for others and vice versa. This is just a better way for me to keep track of all my recipes, since my recipe book is actually falling apart, and it’s my pleasure to share my recipes and one of the joys in life… FOOD!