Vietnamese Spring Rolls


Vietnamese spring rolls made with rice paper is a fresh and nutrition meal. Depending on where you live you might know it as Vietnamese summer rolls. This time I decided to use some pork chops and cut it into strips. I have done this same marinade for firm tofu and chicken breasts as well, just keep in mind that you need to generously season the protein that you are using because it is the only element in the spring rolls that gets seasoned. If your protein tastes bland so will the spring rolls.

Serve these with my peanut sauce recipe.

Vietnamese Spring Rolls Recipe

By April 8, 2016

You can use bean sprouts or alfalfa sprouts instead of young asparagus pea shoots.

  • Prep Time :15 minutes
  • Cook Time :12 minutes



Marinate the pork for as long as you can. Cook on grill or in a pan until no longer pink. Let the meat rest and then cut into strips.

Prepare all of your vegetables, wash and cut thinly into julienne. Soak or cook the vermicelli noodles according to package. Have all of your ingredients ready in front of you, also known as mise en place this makes it much faster and easier for you to work quickly. Have a bowl of warm water next to you, the bowl should be big enough to fit the rice paper.

Working on a damp towel or wooden cutting board, dip the rice paper into the water, remove and place on the towel. Start adding the mint and basil leaves, then your vermicelli noodles, vegetables and then meat. Fold over the edge closest to you, and then fold in the 2 ends and continue rolling to close it up. just like a burrito. Wrap in plastic wrap until you are ready to serve. Serve with peanut butter sauce.

The rolls are best when eaten fresh, after that they will start to harden up in the fridge. Will keep for 24 hours.



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